By Justin Moravec on August 12, 2020

Call Parking

*5970Park 70Call parking
*5971Park 71Call parking
*5972Park 72Call parking
*5973Park 73Call parking
*5974Park 74Call parking
*5975Park 75Call parking

Checking Voicemail - Pressing Message Button on phone or:

*97VoicemailThe system detects the extension, and will prompt for your password

Transferring Directly to Voicemail:

*99<extension>Send to VoicemailSend a call directly to voicemail


*21Follow MeSet the Follow Me number
*72Enable Call ForwardEnables Call Forward
*73Disable Call ForwardDisables Call Forward
*74Call ForwardToggle Call Forward enable/disable

Additional information about common functions can be found here.

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