By Justin Moravec on August 26, 2020

### Get credentials from Wildcard for your online PBX account.

Call Wildcard Support at 7159727469 and have a staff member create you login credentials for your online account for PBX.

### Use a voice recording app to create your voicemail greeting.

Using any application (such as Windows Voice Recorder and record your greeting.

### Login to the PBX

Navigate to and enter the credentials provided to you.

### Navigate to your voicemail settings

Under Voicemail in the left most box, you will see your extension, click that and it will bring you to the following page.

### Navigate to greetings

On the right side of the screen you will see a greetings button in black, click the button

From this point we will add the recording we created earlier by clicking the + ADD button.

You will then browse to where you saved the recording and then click upload.

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